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Medu Posters designed by Judy Seidman

Between 1980 and 1985, I worked with Medu Art Ensemble, an arts collective formed by South African exiles in Botswana. Medu was destroyed by the South African Defence Force in an attack on Gaborone on 14 June 1985, killing twelve people - including Medu's leading visual artist, Thami Mnyele.

I made the posters on this page as a member of, and within the context of, the Medu collective. While I did the drawing and design, most often the conception, graphics and words reflect discussion, ideas, and inspiration generated within the collective. Silkscreens were almost invariably printed by a team of cultural workers.

Read more about Medu Art Ensemble, and about the art of Thami Mnyele.

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Medu Posters

made by Judy Seidman with Medu Art Ensemble