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Publications (selected)

J. Seidman, ed.,One Woman, Sketches /diaries/ letters/ notes/ fragments from Anita Parkhurst Willcox (Createspace, USA, 2010)

Click here for facebook page on One Woman


J. Seidman, Red on Black, the story of the South African Poster Movement (STE, Johannesburg, 2007)

click here for the SAHA website for more on Red on Black, and for downloads of chapters



J. Seidman et al, My Comrade with AIDS is still my Comrade (written, illustration, and design) with COSATU collective (Johannesburg, COSATU, 2002)

out of print



J. Seidman,  In Our Own Image, textbook for  secondary school level Cultural Studies, for Southern Africa (1990, FEP, Gaborone, Botswana); Teaching Guide to In Our Own Image (1990, FEP, Gaborone, Botswana)

out of print

J. Seidman, Face-lift nSouth Africa (1980, IDAF, London)

out of print


J. Seidman, Bayezwa, Paintings and drawings of Southern Africa (1979, South End Press, Boston, Ma., USA)

out of print